Marketing trend for some, genuine movement for others, Feminism is IN and it’s a not a bad thing. We are getting closer to change each day and we need to be heard ! we are moving into an era where we consciously stop defining something as being made for a boy or a girl so let’s push this “trendy” movement into a timeless condition of equality rights. And what a better way to do so by making a statement with the clothes you are wearing. Wear your slogan Tee-shirt tucked in your favorite pair of jeans or with a bright pink mini skirt. Not a fan of slogan Tees ? express yourself and feminism through jewelry (rings, necklaces, pins…) Here is a selection of the best pieces you need in your wardrobe now…

(for more informations and shopping, please use the contact form).

Published by Sophia - Personal Stylist

Sophia Bassé, London based Personal Stylist provides a unique personal styling/shopping service and wardrobe makeovers.

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